BLT Chembulk Group, the chemical tanker arm of PT Berlian Laju Tankers Tbk ("BLT") of Jakarta Indonesia, was formed in January, 2011 with the consolidation of four chemical tanker business units of BLT: PT Banyu Laju Shipping, Gold Bridge Shipping, Chembulk Tankers, and BLT's chemical tanker fleet. The consolidation combined the commercial activities of four individual units into a single cohesive organization, creating a single united marketing company with an enhanced ability, by being more than the sum of the individual parts, to provide exemplary service to customers. The consolidated Group, led by CEO Jack Noonan, is responsible for the commercial management of more than 40 ocean-going chemical tankers.

The combination of an established business legacy and a modern fleet has enabled BLT Chembulk Group to attract and assemble a core group of exceptional talent, who together bring a wealth of experience, industry expertise, and financial acumen to the table.


To fulfill our customers' ocean transportation requirements safely, environmentally friendly, and efficiently by
providing them with quality ships and professional service at a fair and competitive price.

"The winds and the waves
are always on the side
of the ablest navigators."

—Edward Gibbon


To be the industry's preferred
global ocean carrier of
specialized liquid bulk cargoes.


Concern for life, environmental responsibility, discipline, cooperation, cost consciousness and a learning spirit.

"It is not the ship so much as
the skillful navigating that
assures the prosperous voyage."

—George William Curtis
BLT Chembulk Group is comprised of two divisions: BLT Chembulk Global and BLT Chembulk Asia.


BLT Chembulk Global is headed by:

Dave Beun

with overall responsibility for the commercial activities of the Group in North America, South America and Europe, as well as affiliated offices in Asia.


BLT Chembulk Asia is headed by:

C.K. Tan

includes overall responsibility for vessels trading intra-regionally from the Suez Canal to the Pacific Rim, as well as the commercial activities of the office in Hong Kong.

The Group is headquartered in Southport, Connecticut, with offices in Copenhagen, Hong Kong, Houston, Jakarta, Korea, Sao Paulo and Singapore.